ECommerce marketing has become the foundation of every company’s brand, whether B2B or B2C. It is so much more than a website with shopping features. ECommerce represents a full-scope of technologies which all work together toward a common goal. For example, an eNewsletter program is distributed to customers in your data base with links to your website, announcing a special online promotion. An SMS or smartphone program delivers a coupon to customers, directing them to make a purchase on your website. Software which tracks your customers’ browsing trends automates a list of recommended items to encourage additional purchases. A clever promotional video is distributed through social media channels, enticing followers to go to your website for more information. Co-op marketing presents opportunities to engage in reciprocal advertising with businesses that are related to yours. This is not only a smart option, but a great way to reduce expenditures while driving ROI figures through the roof. ECommerce opportunities are endless. We can help tailor a program specifically designed meet your objectives.

Your website is the main building block of your ECommerce program
Combined with solid marketing objectives, a well-structured website will help maintain the customer bond, build trust for your brand and help your business grow. Step one begins with the creation of the wireframe which outlines and organizes the content of your website. New visitors should find your website easy to navigate, directing them to a specific call to action such as a purchase or completion of a contact form. Here is a handy checklist for other characteristics of a good website:

  • A simple and nicely designed logo
  • Looks great on all browsers and devices
  • First-time visitors instantly know what your company is all about
  • Simple navigation and easy-to-follow menu links
  • Highlight most popular products
  • Clear call to action — direct users to sales pages or contact forms
  • If needed, have a prominent search window at the top of your site
  • Include special promotions or free shipping options
  • Provide news or information to enhance the user experience
  • Shopping sites to include past purchases and recently viewed items
  • Include metadata-driven search filters when possible
  • Clear contact information or store locator

Once your website is where it needs to be, make sure that it is being seen. Through the use of SEO strategies and google analytics, we will help ensure that internet traffic is being directed to your website and provide tools to help monitor performance and boost rankings.

Not quite ready to make a full leap? DC Marketing and Design provides very affordable consultation services.

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