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Expert-level content writing is crucial in today’s marketplace. At DC Marketing and Design, we provide top-level content and technical writing services. This writing example speaks on the advantages of multivariate testing, the latest powerful platform in comparison analytics. Thanks to Aim Data for teaming up on this assignment.

In addition to copywriting services, DC Marketing and Design also provides website auditing services. Our experts will review your content for spelling, grammatical and vernacular accuracy.

Successful companies understand the importance of strategic content management. They know that quality content is the key to a lucrative customer loyalty program. Our goal is to provide quality user interaction and positive perceptions of products and services. The result is increased conversion rates and improved SEO ranking.

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The Price Realtors Mobile App is Here!

We are pleased to partner with SmarterAgent in offering this powerful selling tool to more than 50 Price Realtors.

The app is approved for distribution and can be accessed here: https://app.edpricetriad.com/pricerealtors/

Price Realtors represents a group of caring and dedicated professionals. With offices in High Point, Archdale, Thomasville and Lexington, they serve the entire Piedmont-Triad and surrounding areas, specializing in lakefront properties.

A Warm Welcome!

What goes with cheesecake and fresh-roasted coffee? Good friends and good conversation! There’s nothing like sitting around a cozy table, sharing stories, exchanging laughter and becoming acquainted.

One might say that good conversation is the premise of successful marketing. Every business has specific target audiences. In order to strike up a decent conversation with a target audience, you must first get to know them. What are their likes and dislikes? Where do they live and work? Who is their family? Where do they attend church? What do they like to do for fun? Becoming well acquainted with customers is not only a wonderful, warm-hearted experience, but is also beneficial to your business. It builds trust for you and your brand. It creates a pattern of repeat customers. It persuades customers to recommend you to family and friends. It improves your bottom line.

Let DC Marketing and Design help build your relationship with customers and potential customers. We’ll recommend strategies which help put you in touch with customers on their own turf. We’ll introduce metrics which notify you whenever someone visits your website, clicks on your ad, or opens your email. We’ll help establish a measurable marketing program to improve your ROI. It’s rewarding, fun and profitable!

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