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Email Marketing for Team Majestic

Email is a powerful marketing tool. Paired with dynamic HTML-formatted eNewsletter graphics like the examples below, eBlasts become a primary vehicle for directing sales queries and web traffic. Links can be formatted to generate a click-to-call response, initiate an email response or direct the user to your website.

The Team Majestic eBlast program is part of an email distribution program designed to inform youth league managers of new product offerings and promotions. Dynamic ads feature embedded product video and links to social media pages.

Hot Market eBlast for Majestic Athletic
Segmented eNewsletter Programs are distributed to global retailers, internal sales force or directly to consumers. The Game Reflex program was rolled out to MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA leagues. Animated email messages are the best way to tell a story, demonstrate a new product and generate leads. This one features an animation to show how specialty reflective inks react when exposed to light.

World Series Catalog
A custom-designed illustration (designed and illustrated by Deb Collins) sets the mood for this World Series Catalog. This was produced for Fanatics’ brand, Majestic Athletic, outfitter of on-field and off-field apparel for Major League Baseball. MLB Postseason is Majestic’s busiest and most profitable season. Distributed to retailers such as Dick’s, Target and Walmart, the catalog highlights postseason jerseys, fanwear items and exclusive locker room offerings for all 30 MLB teams; delivering the World Series apparel that fans crave.

Majestic Logo
Part of a brand refresh, this logo design was a modification of Majestic’s older logo and features a slightly stylized font. The company was looking for a simplified and modernized brand image to coincide with several new product launches. This mark is still in use today.

Team Majestic Hang Tags
These hang tags were part of a new product launch for Majestic’s youth brand, Team Majestic. Copy described the big-league technology and features which were built into every pair. Tags were card-folded and included a sizing matrix on the back.

Majestic Player Series Launch
The Majestic Player Series line of performance athletic wear was introduced to national mid-tier retailers. This launch presentation detailed the full-range retail marketing program which was in place to support the launch. This clothing line is currently sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods and other retailers.

Marketing support for this program was extensive. Custom apparel fixtures, signage, in-store video and flashy hang tages were designed to draw customers to the Majestic Player Series floor space inside Dick’s Sporting Goods and other participating retailers. Digital marketing included web ads, landing pages, container pages, and social media content. With the endorsements of Justin Verlander and other key players, fans were fired up, ready to wear the same workout apparel worn by their favorite big-league players.

DAM Site Design and Maintenance
Cloud Digital Asset Management provides companies with a simple and safe way to share digital assets internally or to customers. Part of the Widen Collective, the Majestic DAM serves as the company’s digital asset depository, enabling image access to global and national retailers. Content analytics tools improve marketing efficiency and quickly reveals how often content is seen, used and downloaded. Administrative support includes routine maintenance and design updates, top-level admin support, content upload, metadata input, shopping capabilities, management and creation of user roles, creation of asset profiles, and customer support. DAM cloud management is a just the primary building block. The specific architecture is customized to meet your individual needs.

Majestic Digital Asset Management
The Majestic brand includes official licensed sports apparel for MLB (Major League Baseball), NBA (National Basketball Association), NFL (National Football League), NHL (National Hockey League) and MLS (Major League Soccer). For the past several years, it has been my responsibility to manage, process and distribute digital assets for these leagues.. Working with the Majestic Sales Force, images are created year-round to satisfy seasonal and hot-market image demands. Links are delivered to global and national retailers, providing images for use in their marketing promotions.  Confidential images are safely distributed in advance of hot-market events, enabling retailers to prepare marketing materials ahead of time.

NFL Hang Tags
Part of the NFL line for Majestic, E-systems is a trademark developed to promote climate-controlled garments. Through the use of science, one fabric kept the wearer cool and dry while the other provided insulation and warmth. Hang tags served to help consumers identify one from the other.

Triple Peak Trademark
Following the introduction of the new Majestic logo, the brand was carried over to new neck labels, hang tags, stickers and other collateral.

Derek Jeter Retirement Planner
Majestic’s hot-market email promotion is distributed to national and global retailers. This one announced Derek Jeter’s Farewell Tour, included a link to Jeter’s highlight reel and resulted in record sales for 2014. We designed and wrote the copy for this assignment.

NFL Winning Drive
This catalog served as the introduction of several new innovative styles to the NFL apparel line. Items specially selected by NFL and Majestic were denoted by the VIP marketing icon and featured a full-range of retail marketing support collateral.

Section 101 Catalogs
Section 101, Majestic Athletic’s premier college brand, featured custom apparel graphics for nearly 20 universities. Each spring and fall, I was responsible for the concept of design of the catalogs which were distributed to the Majestic sales force. With no in-house photo capabilities at the time, all images were compositions that originated as stock photography.

Section 101 Website
The Section 101 website followed the design of the Section 101 Show Your Colors campaign which included catalogs, planners and banner ads, all with a matching theme.

Section 101 Gators Catalog
This catalog’s feature team was the University of Florida Gators. Detail pages showed graphics for the remaining universities in a grid format. Images for this catalog were comprised of a combination of location photography and composited images. 

VF Corporate Holiday eMail Animations
Animated eCards may be sent to anyone in the email database. These were distributed to the company’s internal sales force and retail partners.

Sheridan Paintball
When Crosman Airguns purchased the Sheridan Paintball division, they needed a complete brand identity program. The program included dealer and consumer ads, product catalogs, price lists, photography of the entire product line, multi-language packaging and press campaign direction.

Camillus Cutlery
This full-line product catalog featured a knife assortment intended for hunting and fishing enthusiasts.


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