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SanDisk Gr8 marketing!
These direct mailers were announced the launch of Sansa e280, the world’s largest capacity Flash MP3 player (at the time). This direct mail campaign precluded the official product release which consisted of national print ads and in-store POP displays. The program was so successful that product was on back order.

SanDisk/WYNIT Memorable Promotion
WYNIT, the largest distributor of SanDisk memory cards, wanted to promote SanDisk’s cutting-edge memory cards throughout the cellular electronics industry. This ad was part of a series which ran in national electronic dealer publications and was highly successful for both WYNIT and SanDisk. At SanDisk’s request, enlargements of the ads were supplied for a wall display at their national headquarters in California.

SanDisk Extreme Campaign
These direct mailers were part of a full-scale marketing campaign for SanDisk Extreme IV memory cards, targeted toward professional photographers and photo journalists.

Garmin GeoCash-In Retailer Program
Garmin was looking for a measurable program to push sales through the roof. Developed from the ground up, this campaign consisted of logo, theme, in-store POP collateral, dealer trade ads, direct mail sales kit, a product information wheel, a dealer cash incentive program and geocache program development.

Garmin/WYNIT Vegas Trade Show Campaign
This ad campaign was part of a national dealer program, promoting Garmin/WYNIT presence at the CES, Consumer Electronics Show which takes place in Las Vegas.

Carrier UTC Product Databooks
Each year, Carrier distributes databooks of their product line. The annual program consisted of three perfect-bound catalogs, each over 1,000 pages and a corresponding interactive DVD. The entire production took place in under an eight-week timeframe, requiring a tight focus on project estimating, scheduling, coordination, creative direction, project supervision and digital production.

Solaire Brand Identity Campaign
The Carrier Corporation was looking for a complete brand identity campaign to promote their new line of residential room air conditioners. The program consisted of a name and logo, dealer advertisement campaign (print and digital) with local tagging, consumer advertisement campaign (print and digital), a dealer promotional kit, product specification brochures, rack displays, window displays, product packaging and product labeling.


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